What is Nayakam

Nayakam is an online platform for handymen and users of their services. It is a registered company with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as a private limited company. Nayakam is currently providing services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi only. It is providing smart solutions to getting access to services of handymen/skilled people such as electricians, plumbers, AC technicians, repairers of electric appliances, auto-mechanic (car and motorbike), carpenters, painters, tutors etc. Even services of cleaners are available.

Our vision

  • We envision a marketplace where no skilled person (handyman) remains unemployed and households and offices get best handymen services, quickly and conveniently.

Our mission

  • We are committed to connect skilled people with those who are in need of their services


Our Core Values

  • Value for money
  • Value for service
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sustainable relationships

Why Nayakam?

Nayakam is a Pakistani company having no foreign stakes. It provides smart solutions to households, businesses and skilled people. Nayakam offers convenience, ease and value to both service providers (i.e. skilled people) and the service users (i.e. anyone who requests for any service).

Few of the benefits for services users are:

  • They don’t need to go to market and search a person having any specialized skill. They just need to install the Nayakam App and can find the required service provider, present in the nearest location and the service provider will be assigned. The assigned service provider will reach the site on the specified time.
    • They will get quick responses from the registered service providers.
    • Rates of services are fixed and competitive. The service users don’t need to argue with the service provider.
    • The service users can purchase items required on their own from any source.
    • They can get access to 26 different types of services by using the Nayakam App.
    • They can rate their satisfaction with the services of the service providers.

    Major benefits for the service providers are:

    • They will get work on regular basis, even if they don’t have connection in the market. They just need to download the App of “Nayakam Partner” from Play Store and install the App and register themselves. A representative of Nayakam will call them for verification.
    • They don’t require to have any office. Their mobile phone will serve as their office.
    • If a service provider has multiple skills, he/she can register all skills he/she possesses.
    • Billing is easy.
    • Unemployed skilled people can get work.

Who is a handyman?

A handyman is a service provider such as plumber, electrician, auto-mechanic, AC mechanic, carpenter, tutor, qari etc. Nayakam has currently listed 26 categories of services, each having several sub-categories. For example, the category of electrician contains more than 20 sub-categories such as ceiling capacitor replacement, wiring (new construction), CCTV camera installation, LCD installation, telephone exchange installation, networking/LAN, solar panel system installation, microwave repair, water dispenser repair etc.

If you have any skill which is not listed in our system, you may suggest it for listing.