Nayakam Has A Plan To Disrupt The Handyman Services Market In Pakistan.

The traditional market of handyman services in Pakistan is commonly criticized for seven reasons

  1. Handymen are not easily accessible.
  2. There is a tendency of exploitation in the market – complaints about the prevalence of unfair practices are very common.
  3. Quality of their services is often not satisfactory.
  4. There is no well-defined concept of specialization of services, each handyman claims to have expertise in multiple areas.
  5. The pace of improvement in the service delivery is painfully slow.
  6. The market is dominated by non-qualified semi-skilled people.
  7. Entry of qualified skilled people is restricted. Above all, thousands of technically qualified persons are jobless and sitting at homes. They have skills but do not have access to the market.

How does Nayakam work?
Nayakam has developed two Apps – one for users (i.e. Nayakam app) and the second for service providers (i.e. Nayakam Partner app). Users App can be downloaded from here
.while the App for service providers can be downloaded from here.

Media Post About NayaKam

Dr. Asif Mehmood Rana, Corporate Trainer and Consultant writes a notes on Nayakam on his Facebook page on 13th August, 2020

National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS), Pakistan features Nayakam on their Facebook page on 13th August, 2020

Why are people going for Nayakam handymen services?

Nayakam is an online platform for accessing the services of handymen. In short span of time, it has made considerable achievements. It is growing rapidly. It started its operations a couple of months back in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Last month it entered into Karachi market. Now it has started its services in Lahore. Why is Nayakam becoming so popular and why are people using their services? Here are some of the reasons: