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Paint Work

Our service providers with expertise in wall paints/paintwork report that common issues with paintwork are blistering / formation of bubbles on painted wall, chalking / loose powder forming on painted wall, the formation of powdery salts/efflorescence, fungus-based black, grey, brown, or green spots on painted wall, splitting of dry paint film/cracking/alligatoring, yellowish reflections,  peeling off of the outer layer of paint, the formation of wrinkles on the painted surface, and so on. Do you know why such problems arise? It is because of two basic reasons: a selection of inexperienced or poorly skilled painter and a bad selection of paint. Since many painters have connections with outlets of specific paint brands, hence, you cannot trust their advice on the selection of paints. In such a situation what to do? No need to worry. The solution is a click away. Just download Nayakam App from Google Play Store, install it, and select the service you require.

Our painter are highly skilled with decades of experience in the field. They are available to serve your needs in almost all areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore. We are providing painter services in Pakistan.

We have grouped carpeting services into three categories:

  • Group 1:
    • Paint (new) labor – for paint on new plaster up to 15 ft
    • Paint (inclusive of material) per sqft
  • Group 2:
    • Paint (interior repaint) labor
    • Paint (exterior repaint) labour – height upto 25ft
  • Group 3:
    • Polishing
    • Others
    • We believe in:
  • Quality of services – the satisfaction of our clients
  • Timeliness
  • Easy and comfort of our clients
  • Value for money – quite reasonable rates

Our service providers provide technical advice, which is independent and is based on their judgment as experts. They are aware of professional health and safety measures. They also follow COVID SOPs.

We closely monitor each and every process and look after each and every customer with the best possible care and service. That is why our customer base is increasing day by day.


  1. Minimum charges for any service are Rs. 200.
  2. You can request services at night too. However, prime time charges will apply which may be twice the normal charges.

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