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  • Finding a good tutor for children is not easy. A good tutor is not only well qualified and knowledgeable but also possesses excellent teaching skills. Above all, he/she holds good values and is ethically and morally a good human being.How to find a good tutor? The solution is just a click away. Just download the Nayakam App from Google Play Store, install it, and select the service of the tutor you require.Our tutors are highly skilled with rich experience in the field. They are available to serve your needs in almost all areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore.We have grouped tutor services into two categories:
  • Group 1:
    • Home Tutor for 1-8 classes
    • Home Tutor for matric
    • Home Tutor for FA/FSC/ICOM
    • O/A Levels
  • Group 2:
    • Quran Education.
    • Religious Education.
    • Qari
    • Others

We believe in:

  • Strong values
  • Quality of services – the satisfaction of our clients
  • Timeliness
  • Ease and comfort of our clients
  • Value for money – quite reasonable rates

tutor service

Our Nayakam App is available on Google Play Store. Click the download now button to download the app and then select the desired service.

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